eTusA LLC has been created with the aim of developing and implementing technological solutions in the Polish and international market in the field of telecommunications, security and multi-profile, high technological electronical equipment.

We have been leading design and developmental activities in the field of telecommunications, automated control systems, products of the optimized application of the production purpose.

In the field of the new technologies developments our Company offers:

  • Technological solutions for the needs of a company with advanced technological solutions of the multi-profile level.
  • Solutions in implementing of program-technical complexes of new technologies and power-distribution equipment, based on the advanced technologies.
  • A big variety of the structural variations of all the models of the manufactured production.

eTusA LLC ’s customer groups include: medical devices manufacturers; research institutions, telecommunications equipment manufacturers; automotive electronics manufacturers; industrial equipment manufacturers; in addition to serving for many large, medium and small electronic components agents and distributors.

eTusA LLC has gradually built up a number of channels of supply and cooperation relationships to , provide customers with excellent products, chain management services and full technical support to meet our customers’ product development and production. We make unremitting efforts to become your best partner.

We adhere to honesty and ethics as our business philosophy, and have gradually established an excellent reputation and credibility in our international business. With the accurate quotation, excellent credit, reasonable price, reliable quality, fast delivery, authentic service, we have won the praise of majority of customers.

eTusA LLC ’s biggest asset is to own a rich experience workshop with powerful combat capacity and loyalty. According to the requirement of brand business, we are dedicated to the strategy of one to one task force to assist customers in various application areas and shorten the time to market, in addition, we also establish the R & D team to cooperate with customer development and to provide solutions.