• Uninterruptible power supplies for electronic and electrical equipment
  • Fuel cells
  • Devices for suppressing and reducing electrical interference
  • Fuel cell equipment for urban and air transport
  • Energy storage devices in ecological vehicles
  • Magnito-resonance removable tomograph
  • Roentgenoscope for hybrid operating rooms
  • Optical equipment
  • Management and distribution of railway IT systems

Devices designed for Ethernet-Nets:

  • Digitals systems for subscriber’s multiplexling
  • Modems for trunks and lines
  • Subscriber multi-service access equipment
  • Ethernet – commutators
  • Controlled media-convertors
  • Multiplex equipment for trunks and lines

Devices designed for television systems:

  • Digital TV commutators
  • Systems of the multiline Audio/Video monitoring
  • Multifunctional high technological video cards
  • Text signal generators
  • Uninterruptive power supply sources